Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Upcycled Men's dress shirt

While trolling the internet, on Pinterest of course, I came across this really awesome dress. I knew at once I had to make it.

Although a little cumbersome in places it was super easy to make. You can find the instructions in the following link: Tutorial: The Shirt Dress
I highly recommend this site for some awesome clothing ideas.

 I probably should have made the dress a little wider in the middle, considering Harper is pretty stocky. But seeing that her little sister is catching up quickly in size, it will get used again for sure.
(I realized after I posted the pictures that I haven't reattached the top buttton. Oops!)

When you're looking for the right shirt for this, I highly recommend getting one of the biggest ones you can find. The pattern you will need to make is quite wide due to the fact you are gathering it all together with elastic. This shirt was a little difficult because not only was it a nicer shirt, not just cotton, it was a little stretchy.

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